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VPPA President's Message for 2017

I’m not sure if everyone has noticed, but the photography industry has been going through some major changes. Our association is experiencing the same thing. We’re in the midst of not only updating the Association’s website, but we’re also increasing our social media presence. With these updates, you’ll be able to check your state credits and track your progress towards your state degrees, along with having a better way to communicate with not only board, but other members. We’re changing the way our monthly meetings will be planned and having more coordination with other districts that will bring speakers and programs that no one single district would be able to get on their own. With other state associations failing, we’re looking into hosting out-of-state image competitions. This will not only increase the visibility and prestige of the VPPA, it will help our bottom line.

All of us know new photographers who are not members of VPPA. They get most of their training and instruction from places like YouTube, Creative Live and MeetUp groups. There’s no problem with that approach, but where do they turn when they need help that can’t be gotten from a video? What happens if they have an emergency and can’t photograph a wedding or are out several weeks due to injury? I’ve been on both ends of that situation and I knew there would be people that I could count on and they could count on me.

Being a member of VPPA is as much a family as professional organization. But as in any other group, you get out of it what you put into it. Getting involved on the district and state levels makes our organization more diverse and stronger. Each of us needs to invite a photographer to a local meeting, whether they are new to the business or a seasoned professional, let them see what we’re all about. Don’t be shy about being a member. Get involved and not only make it a better association, make it your association!

Jeff Kaiser,
Master Photographer
Certified Professional Photographer
VPPA Fellow of Photography

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