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From JIG to GIG

One of the oldest dances enjoyed in the New World by the colonists (and it just might be the oldest) is the 'Virginia Reel'.  The 'Virginia Reel' was named after our own beautiful state, Virginia.  Some discussion whether it originated here or in England, we are not sure and it really doesn't matter. What matters is that it has been enjoyed since colonial times both here in the US and around the world.

Sherwood Forest in Charles City, Virginia, the home of the 10th President John Tyler was purchased in 1842.   At 300-feet wide it is know to be the longest frame house in America due to a 68-foot ballroom which was added to cater to the popular dance at the time, The 'Virginia Reel'.

There are many variations of the dance, some are very simple and some are more complicated; however, all are enjoyable. 

That's how we feel about our 'Virginia Reel' Speaker Program.   Sometimes simple, sometimes complicated but always enjoyable and educational.

The program allows VPPA to introduce our membership to a wider selection of speakers and educational content.   The program adds value to our membership and will provide incentives for PPA level platform speakers to come to Virginia and share their programs.  

The program is assigned to our Education Committee and further information for interested speakers, please contact:

Mary Fisk-Taylor, mary@hayesandfisk.com 

The Fabulous 2021 Virginia Reel Lineup

click on the speaker name for more information

Eve Truek  (online)

Tim Meyer (online)

Aly Elliott

Adam & Lorri Carroll

July ?

Marisa Balletti-Lavoie

Andrea Phox

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