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The National Award, started in 1958 by the Professional Photographers of America, Inc. is the most prestigious honor given by the Virginia Association. It recognizes outstanding services to professional photography and to the affiliate awarding the tribute.

The award may be given to a member or non-member, to someone in or out of the field of photography. No individual may receive more than one National Award from the same Affiliated Association during their lifetime. While the award is available on a yearly basis, it should not be given unless a suitable candidate is nominated.

A bronze and walnut plaque is made available to the affiliated organizations. A committee, consisting of the past three members who have been so honored in Virginia with the most recent serving as Chairman, makes the selection. If one of the past three is unable to serve on the committee, the next most recent recipient is asked to repeat.

These three conditions must be met:

1. The Association’s annual affiliation dues must be current.

2. The Association must have the name of the recipient engraved in the space provided.

3. The date of the presentation must be engraved on the bottom of the plaque.

The presentation is made at the annual banquet by an official designated by PPA (usually a Councilor or an officer of PPA should one be in attendance) plus the last person honored. There is a fee paid to PPA for supplying and shipping the plaque. Request for the plaque should be sent to PPA along with the appropriate check at least six weeks before the banquet date. The name of the recipient may be sent at a later date, if necessary.

National Award

1958 Ralph Bray

1959 Hugh W. Tribble

1960 Wendell B. Powell

1961 Van P. Moore

1963 Margo Kent

1965 Robert A. Dementi

1966 Polly Frye

1968 William S. McIntosh

1969 Archie McDearmid

1970 Irby N. Hollans, Jr.

1971 J. David Woody/Patricia Woody

1972 W.E.A. “Billy” Moore

1973 Esther Bunch

1974 Arthur Cournoyer

1975 George Ambrester

1976 David B. McClung

1977 Phil Rich

1978 Carlton O’Neal

1980 Tony Christiana

1981 James W. Taylor

1982 Jayne Opfer

1983 Phil Aull/Haroldine Aull

1984 Nancy Justice

1985 Robert Opfer

1986 Aubrey Whitenack

1987 Lewis Longest

1988 Jesse Pennell

1989 Paul Huffman

1990 Mike Kessler

1991 Renny Cave

1992 Randy Pearce

1993 Troy Justice

1994 Raymond Leahy

1995 Kent Saunders

1996 Gene Campbell

1997 James & Wanda Crawford

1998 Mollie Isaacs

1999 Glenna Taylor

2000 Pat Hansen

2001 Marian Linett

2002 Judith Whitmore

2003 Robert Holman

2004 Bill Piacesi

2005 John Warters

2006 James Mitchell

2007 Kitty Pugh

2008 Fred Powell

2009 Bruce Hobbs

2010 Bill Garrett

2011 Richard Whitmore (posthumously)

2012 Shelba Powell

2013 Jim Carpenter

2014 Kevin Hurley

2015 Anthony Rumley

2016 Sharon Younce

2017 Jim Sanders

2018 Jamie Hayes

2019 Mary Fisk-Taylor

2020 Deborah Fisk

2021 Barbara (Tish) Underwood

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