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VPPA Members 

VPPA President's Message for 2020

1 November 2019

To the Members of Virginia Professional Photographers Association:

I am gratified and proud to be your President for 2020! 

We have a great organization with a distinguished history of serving individual photographers and the professional photography industry for over 100 years.  Founded in 1898, we are the oldest and one of the most venerable state affiliates of PPA. Each of us has the opportunity to build on this great foundation and to make our VPPA ever stronger and of more benefit to each one of us.

I opened my business in 2009 and over time established a portrait and restoration business in Hampton, VA. This is my second career and a decided change from my experiences as a career Army officer and Defense contractor.  I definitely understand the challenges of starting a business later in life and achieving success.  

Recognizing I would benefit from association with other professional photographers, I joined VPPA in 2010. Membership in VPPA has helped me tremendously.  The friendships and professional relationships within VPPA are unparalleled and of immense value to me personally.  I have been privileged to serve the Tidewater District as Governor and Lieutenant Governor and to serve on the VPPA Board since 2015. 

As your President for the coming year, my priorities for our organization are simple and straightforward:

            -Continued excellent education for our members

            -Promotion of the Professional Photography Industry in Virginia

            -Improved networking for our members

            -Growing VPPA membership

            -Providing outstanding value to our members

To accomplish these priorities, I need your help. 

I ask that you volunteer wherever you see a need.  We are a completely volunteer organization, and all of us have lots of demands in our lives from family to business.  Our organization runs on volunteer effort, and the more willing we are to assist, the better VPPA gets.  So, please, look around, and let others know that you are willing to step up and help our organization get even better.  There are plenty of opportunities from District events to our annual Convention.

Our lifeblood is our membership, and continued growth is of the essence.  In our careers and community, we frequently encounter other excellent photographers struggling for success.  VPPA is for them as it is for us, so anything we can do to encourage them to join us would be great!  Invite them to District meetings and other events.  Tell them why you are a VPPA member.  Be an advocate for VPPA!

Look for ways to assist and promote other members.  Life is a journey, not combat.  Anything we can do to elevate fellow members of VPPA is a good thing and will elevate us as well.  There is more than enough opportunity for all of us to be very successful in this profession.  Helping others along the way benefits us and VPPA.

Finally, if there are things that VPPA can do better to assist and serve you, please let me know personally.  I pledge I will do everything I can to understand and address any area of concern.  This is our organization, and all of us have a voice.

It is my sole aim to leave our organization better when my term is completed.

I thank you for the opportunity to serve our great VPPA!


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