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Aly Elliott, M.Photog., CPP

I am Aly Elliott of Bloomington, Indiana.  I'm married to Sam and we have 6 gorgeous children.  We travel extensively though you might be surprised to find out why!  I've been a professional photographer for coming up on 14 years.  We had talked about opening a studio for awhile and, when our daughter died, I needed something to pour myself into.  My studio is on the adorable little town square in a place where people still walk around downtown!  I have degrees in Fine Arts and Marketing, as well as a CPP and Master Photographer from PPA.  I am certified in the family, baby, newborn, maternity, and child categories by NAPCP in addition to being a proud ASP member. I am an exhibiting artist and have work all over the world (29 countries so far!). I am always looking for ways to continue learning - about business, photography, and people.  I am a firm believer in having it all. 

Program Title- Unconventional Marketing

Program Description- Have you ever wondered how you can stand out from the ever-growing sea of photographers?  Have you questioned how you might convey your value to prospective clients on large and small scales?  Have you wondered about what makes a client choose you?  In this course, we'll go over several outside the box marketing ideas you haven't thought of.  We'll talk about how to be irresistible to clients and find jobs you didn't know you were missing out on. This course will cover marketing campaigns with short term FAST results and playing the long game - setting yourself up to continue marketing effortlessly during a busy season.  You'll leave this course prepared to make a successful business that is built to last through diversified marketing efforts and a plan to make it all happen in a way only YOU can.

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