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Tim Meyer, M.Photog., Cr., CPP

Throughout his 40 plus years as a professional photographer, educator and author, Tim Meyer’s work has been internationally recognized and respected for its innovative style and technique.

Tim’s writings on photography and art have been published as magazine and online content and his book, The Portrait, Understanding Portrait Photography, published in English, German, Italian and Chinese and now in its second edition, has been adopted as a textbook at numerous colleges. His second book, Light Shaping, is also available worldwide.

As an academic educator, Tim holds both an MA and an MFA in art and photography and was the head of the portrait program at Brooks Institute for 12 years. Tim currently teaches in both the BFA and MFA programs at colleges and universities in Southern California. In addition to many national education programs, he has lectured internationally in England, Germany and Mexico.

Tim’s fine artwork can be found in multiple private collections and museums across the United States and has been displayed in both solo and group exhibitions.

The History of Portraiture: From Charcoal, Paints,

Silver Halides to Pixels

The history of portraiture is as diverse and varied as the history of mankind itself. Why we create portraits and how we create portraits is ever changing. It is however, somehow buried in the fabric of who we are. It is said that more portraits were taken last year than in all of history combined.

This program will whisk you through the history of portraiture and speak to the relevance and influence that history has on today’s artists. Tim will specifically hit some of the highlights of photographic history. Historical photographic portrait artists were great innovators and what many of today’s artists think are new and creative ideas often have their beginnings in historical photography.

This program will talk about:

  • ·         Changes in medium and technologies and how they impacted art.
  • ·         Influences of cultures, religious and political ideals
  • ·         Ebbs and flows of stylistic approaches
  • ·         Impact of accessibility of portraiture
  • ·         And so much more

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