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Begun in 1964 this honor was established to recognize contributions to the state organization made by an individual. It can be awarded to a District Governor, District officer, Member of the Board of Directors or any other VPPA member. This selection is made by the President, but he or she may ask other officers for suggestions. It is customary to give this award to someone who has done outstanding work for the Association and has helped the President during his/her service on the Board. The selection is kept secret until the banquet when it is presented. This plaque is in the shape of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Virginia Award

Year                        Recipient                                                                             President

1964                       Wayne Conner                                                                  Polly Frye

1965                       Arthur Cournoyer                                                          Raymond Cournoyer

1966                       Irby N. Collins                                                                 Jim Gentry

1967                       Patricia Woody                                                              Archie McDearmid

1968                       James Chandler                                                               Morris Burchette

1969                       Troy Justice                                                                       Al Cothran

1970                       Jim Taylor                                                                         J. David Woody

1971                       Ray Hash                                                                             Arthur Cournoyer

1972                       Esther Bunch                                                                   Irby Hollans

1973                       Archie McDearmid                                                      John Smith

1974                       Polly Frye                                                                          James Chandler

1975                       David McClung                                                              Jim Taylor

1976                       John H. Smith                                                                 Tony Christiana

1977                       Al Cothran                                                                       Patricia Woody

1978                       Nancy Justice                                                                    Tony Christiana

1979                       Jesse Pennell                                                                   Lewis Longest

1980                       Carlton O’Neal                                                                 Kenneth Saunders

1981                       Robert Dementi                                                             Nancy Justice

1982                       Aubrey Whitenack                                                       Paul Huffman

1983                       Lynwood Atkins                                                             Randy Pearce

1984                       Kent Saunders                                                                 Mike Kessler

1985                       Renny Cave                                                                        Polly McDearmid

1986                       John Westervelt                                                             Michael Hatcher

1987                       Glenna Taylor                                                                   Robert Good

1988                       J. David Woody                                                              Rodger Riddle

1989                       B.J. Longest                                                                       Renny Cave

1990                       Ray Leahy                                                                            Gary Carter

1991                       Lewis Longest                                                                  James Kelley

1992                       Gary Carter                                                                        T.T. Penrose, III

1993                       Richard Whitmore                                                           Mollie Isaacs

1993                       Judith Whitmore                                                              Mollie Isaacs

1994                       John Warters                                                                    James Crawford

1995                       Kitty Pugh                                                                           Robert Holman

1996                       Mollie Isaacs                                                                     Pat Hansen

1997                       Pat Hansen                                                                        Judith Whitmore

1998                       Marian Linett                                                                   Joseph Shultz

1999                       Shelba Powell                                                                   Fred Powell!!

2000                       Cathy Benton                                                                   John Warters

2001                       Tony Christiana                                                                 Bill Piacesi

2002                       Fred Powell                                                                        James Mitchell

2003                       Doug Graves                                                                     Bruce Hobbs

2004                       Charles Hartman                                                              Cathy Benton

2005                       Jim Carpenter                                                                    Doug Graves

2006                       Robert Holman                                                                 Kitty Pugh

2007                       Mary Fisk-Taylor                                                               Pat Meinen

2008                       Bill Piacesi                                                                            Anthony Rumley

2009                       Randy Searle (posthumously)                                  Bill Piacesi

2010                       Deborah Woodson                                                          William Garrett

2011                       Cary Philbrick                                                                     Sharon Younce

2012                       Kevin Hurley                                                                     Sharon Younce

2013                       Anthony Rumley                                                             Kevin Hurley

2014                       Tammy Gunn & Jeff Loope                                        Jim Carpenter

2015                       David Lee Michaels                                                       Stephanie Adams

2016                       Jeff Kaiser                                                                           Tracy McGee

2017                       Tracy McGee                                                                     Jeff Kaiser

2018                       Andrea F. Moore (Andee)                                           John Warters

2019                      Deborah O. Fisk                                                                Erin Clark

2020 Kathy Kupka       Bob Harper

2021 Jamie Hayes Deborah Fisk

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